Emotional Ownership for Parents & Educators

Emotional Ownership For Parents & Teachers

Yelling at your children is a choice. So is getting frustrated with them. You do not get angry at what your children do. You get angry at what you tell yourself about what your children do. Learn how to apply the tools necessary to create transforming relationships with your children and loved ones.

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“Mastering Your Emotions has been the most helpful parenting class I have ever taken. Disciplining, structuring, loving and all other parenting skills make sense and help but I have always struggled with keeping my emotions in check. This class has really helped me understand how hard carrying around our emotions makes it to parent effectively and contently.”

Leslie N.

“The information that I learned in the Master Your Emotions Workshop has deeply affected my relationships with my family and helped me to create a more positive environment at home. Thank you!”

Amy P.

“Master Your Emotions has helped me learn to step back from a situation and evaluate it rather than just react.”

Erin C.

“Larry makes the class fun and the information is instantly helpful in gaining control of one’s emotions and in improving relationships in the classroom and at home.”

Todd P.

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