What Attendees Are Saying About Us


“The information that I learned in the Master Your Emotions Workshop has deeply affected my relationships with my family and helped me to create a more positive environment at home. Thank you!”

Amy P.

“Thank you, it was a great class. We found it very helpful. Being able to relate to other parents share their experiences, we gained so much insight into the type of relationships we want to have with our kids.”

Michael & Shannon T.

“This class has been life changing. Each week, as I put into practice the thins we talked about, I saw a huge change in the way my children behave. They started making better choices and the yelling and fighting has lessened greatly. Most importantly I have become much more aware of my actions and the way I respond to things. I don’t yell as much(almost never now) and I am much calmer and more empathetic. This class is amazing and I can’t wait to go through it again to help remind me what I need to do to create a happy, peaceful home.”

Mary C.

“A very informative class, allot of good examples and learning from our own situations. I have gained some new tools to my parenting skills that help me in raising my kids.”

Mary R.

“This class is good for parents with children of all ages. If you think they are too young, they are not. You can always learn before they are age ‘appropriate’ and practice until they get there.”

Serena G.

“Applying these ideas and techniques has had a power in my home, both in how my children behave and respond as well as in the overall feeling of peace. I fell like it has enabled me, helping me enjoy all the everyday moments with my children.”

Amy G.

“Larry is a powerful instructor and the class provides great tools to make the home more peaceful.”

Todd P.

“This class is transforming me. I now have the tools to use to stay calm, let the consequences do the teaching and save my energy for good times with my girls. I am very grateful for this as I feel my relationships with my girls will be much stronger.”

Melissa W.

“Loved learning Love and Logic from Larry. He was humorous and taught me some awesome parenting techniques.”

Amber T.

“Larry is a very engaging instructor. He got the points across with great stories and examples. We walked away with some great information and tools to put to use, both at home and at work. Thanks for making this course available, it is a great resource.”

Mark O.

“Mastering Your Emotions has been the most helpful parenting class I have ever taken. Disciplining, structuring, loving and all other parenting skills make sense and help but I have always struggled with keeping my emotions in check. This class has really helped me understand how hard carrying around our emotions makes it to parent effectively and contently.”

Leslie N.

“Master Your Emotions has helped me learn to step back from a situation and evaluate it rather than just react.”

Erin C.

“Larry makes the class fun and the information is instantly helpful in gaining control of one’s emotions and in improving relationships in the classroom and at home.”

Todd P.

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